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Can You Really Erase Wrinkles With Castor Oil?

If you are tired of using chemical laden creams and harsh prescription treatments to fight the aging process, you might be interested in trying a few all natural cures for wrinkles. It may seem hard to believe but nature has provided plenty of great products that can help defy the aging process in your skin. For example, did you know that you can erase wrinkles with castor oil?

Erase Wrinkles With Castor Oil As You Sooth Your Skin

Perhaps when you think of castor oil, you think of your grandmother chasing you around the house with her big teaspoon and large brown bottle. What most people fail to realize is that castor oil, which is derived from the seed of the castor plant, has many soothing properties. When you erase wrinkles with castor oil, by lightly applying it to your skin, you actually sooth your skin, helping to refresh its appearance and create a natural glow that diminishes fine lines and the ashen color of age.


Erase Wrinkles With Castor Oil As You Moisturize Your Skin

Castor Oil is one of the best defenses against dry skin. Chock full of antioxidant properties, it cleanses, heals and detoxifies your skin all while adding essential moisture. When you apply it to your skin on a regular basis you will start to notice an improvement in the moisture content of your skin. Many women report that though their dry skin disappears, their skin doesn’t feel oily as a result of using castor oil. It even helps flush out oil glands and clear up some cases of adult acne, all while keeping your skin moist and clean.

Erase Wrinkles With Castor Oil While Increasing Blood Flow To Your Skin

One of the amazing properties of castor oil is that it increases the blood flow to any skin on which it is applied. When the circulation of blood is increased it can help your skin to look much younger. As circulation of blood is increased to the skin on your face, you will begin to notice your skin’s pigment takes on a healthy glow and the fine lines around your eyes and mouth begin to lessen. Even deep lines respond to a healthy circulation of blood and start to fade away.

As much as you hated to see Grandma coming at you with the bottle of castor oil, she knew of its healing properties. Now you can use those healing properties to erase wrinkles too.

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